Kiosk Tablet Ordering System

Client developed an ordering system with a bare UI design. The kiosk system would be used by various companies and would need to match their branding. I performed a UX audit, executed a new UI design with interchangeable colors and filled in loop holes in the user flow. The improved instructional design would better guide the user to their end goal.

My Role
UX / UI Design

Here's What The Client Said

"I've worked with Michelle on several projects and she impresses me every time. I'm able to give her a general idea of the project, provide some keywords, and pictures and let her take over the creative side. The end product is always spot on with the vision of the project. She is also very professional and prompt on her deliverables. If your project is short on some designs, contact Michelle and give her full creativity control. She will take your project to the next level. I will be working with her on my future projects."